Good Luck To Ecuador

t was very exciting to be requested to do a painting representing Ecuador in the 2017 World Rowing Championships which takes place in Sarasota from September 24 through October 1st. An image of my painting is going to be made into a billboard to be displayed during this event in which 68 countries are taking part. The background of the painting is in the colors of the national flag of Ecuador: yellow, blue and red. These colors also run throughout the painting which is done in a traditional Ecuadorian folk art style mixed with my own style (whatever that is). Ecuador has four distinct regions: the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands. Elements from each region are incorporated. 

Ecuador - oil and acrylic on canvas

Michael H. Hanson Does It Again

I can’t get over how Michael so beautifully conveys what I’m trying to paint.

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Enjoying The Universe's Art

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Photo by Roy E Lowrance

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Love Conquers Hate

"Love Conquers Hate" in my response to what happened at Pulse in Orlando in June 2016 and after reading that 2016 was the deadliest year on record for the LGBTQ community. The painting takes place in front of Stonewall Inn, site of the 1969 riots that gave birth to the gay rights movement. The ghosts may be filled with bullet holes and blood, but the flowers people are leaving are thick, (actually around 3/8th of an inch thick) and bright to represent how hate will not destroy the human spirit and we will come back stronger and brighter than ever. We must fight hate in all its forms. We must love and care for each other. "Love Conquers Hate" will be featured at the National Association of Women Artists, 128th Annual Members' Exhibition. The show runs from August 22 - September 14, 2017 and is at the Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, 417 Lafayette Street, NYC. The reception is Thursday, August 31th from 6 - 8pm. 

Love Conquers Hate

Look What Michael H. Hanson Did

The brilliant poet Michael H. Hanson has written poem  inspired by a few of my paintings, “Destruction”, "Evidence 3” and “Be Kind 5”. I'm flattered and floored by this. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.41.59 AM

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.40.08 AM

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Not Yet/Not Ever….i hope

We artists have to keep infusing our work with meaning and the human experience. There's no way to replace our humanity.

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"Wonderful Day" in honor of NYC Gay Pride Weekend. Equality, compassion and empathy for everyone. Please click for bigger and sharper image.

Wonderful Day

Unexpected Treat

Embracing Our Differences arranged for busloads of school kids to see the Embracing Our Differences billboards.  These adorable kids are writing in books with images of all 45 billboards. Next to the images are the words, "What does this artwork mean to you?" I would love to see what they wrote. 

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We Must Be Determined

Very happy that my painting "Determined" has been selected for the "Envisioning New Pathways" exhibit at The Gallery at Eissey Campus, Palm Beach State College, May 16th - August 30th. There's a lot going on in "Determined" and it's hard to see it all in a photograph. In the painting, a sad woman on crutches, broken into so many pieces you can see through her, makes her way through a run down street held together by bandages. (Actually, they are real bandages that I put on the canvas and painted.) On one of the buildings behind the woman is graffiti of a broken heart. Bits of broken casts are flung everywhere. But the woman is not giving up. She is still walking. She is determined. A metaphor for our challenging times. For anyone nearby and interested The Gallery is 3160 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the reception is May 16th, 5pm - 8pm. 


Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Very nice interview with me by Marty Fugate in the Herald Tribune about my work in this year’s Embracing Our Differences exhibit.