My Mom, Billboard Size

"I Was Really Something" my painting of my mother, who died from Alzheimer's Disease, was picked by Embracing Our Differences to be made into a 16 foot wide by 12.5 foot high billboard for their 2016 exhibit. The billboard will be displayed in Sarasota's Island Park from March 30 - May 31. I didn't think the painting would be chosen because I figured they wanted art regarding racial and cultural differences, sexual orientation, etc. but I feel the elderly and the sick are too often forgotten and should be included in this category. Luckily, they thought so too. I'm going to go down before the exhibit is over so I will then post a pic of the billboard. I wish my Mom were still around. She'd be so happy. I'd take a million pics of her in front of it.

I Was Really Something


By popular demand, “The Future of the Past: Black Lives Matter” exhibit at the Marran Gallery, Cambridge, MA has been extended to April 5. It’s exciting that people are so excited about art which reflects, informs and hopefully changes our world.

The Future of the Past: Black Lives Matter

I'm so happy. Violence Transformed is using my painting "Life Matters" for the flyer for "The Future of the Past: Black Lives Matter" exhibit at the Marran Gallery.

jc - The Future of the Past flyer