Girl Power

Just finished the final touches on this. It's part of a new series regarding young women. At least that's what's running around in my head right now. Most of the paintings will be how society pressures young women in bad ways but I see this one as young and happy and free and how girls should view themselves. It's titled LOOK AT US - WE'RE BEAUTIFUL.

Look at Us - We're Beautiful- oil and acrylic on canvas - 24 x 30 inches - 2012 copy

No Comment

Why no comments? I don't want to break my painting momentum for too long of a time. That, plus I think you only get so much fairy dust in a day so I want to use mine in my art not my blog. If you want to comment on something I've said or painted you can always email me. My email is on my contact page. Okay, back to painting while there's some dust left. 


It's been suggested I start a blog. I would tell you the reasons why but I was puzzled and all I could hear was blog blog blog. But I guess it took. It's always been my belief that the art should speak for itself and, what I would like, for me too. But maybe my process and life as an artist will be of interest or at least amusement to others. What others? If no one reads this. What is the sound of one artist….