The Joseph Bartnikowski Scholarship

Super happy and shocked to announce that I've been awarded the Joseph Bartnikowski Scholarship for Semi-Objective/Semi-Abstract painting. Joseph Bartnikowski was a master painter who died in 2005. Below is Bad Time For Good Friends, one of my paintings that was judged and below that is one of Joseph’s Bartnikowski’s gorgeous paintings of a Brooklyn street.

Bad Times For Good Friends - acrylic on canvas - 24x30x1.5 - 2014 copy



There’s a great exhibit coming up that I feel some of my paintings are perfect for. However, the current titles are conceptual and more specific titles would better fit the theme of the exhibit. Is it alright to change the titles of the paintings to suit the theme more and give me possibly more of a chance of being selected? Is this a cheat? Do judges even care about the titles? As I said, the paintings already fit the theme. It’s not like anyone but me even knows the current titles. Hmmmm.