Silver Sage Magazine and Mom

I'm delighted that Silver Sage Magazine is using "I Was Really Something" in an article about a daughter losing her mother to Alzheimer's. This painting is about my sparkling mother, Celia Carlin, who died from Alzheimer's. The publisher who contacted me didn't know it actually was a daughter painting her mother dying from the disease until I told her.

Kudos to Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is donating some of his art to help finance the construction of 100 homes for homeless people in Germany. His donation is expected to bring in over 1 million euros. I love artists who are making a difference in the world. Plus, he’s such a fabulous artist. It’s a win for everyone.

The Artist’s Voice Lives On

By popular demand the Harriet Tubman House has extended the "Violence Transformed: STAND UP (The Artist's Voice)" exhibit through September 11, 2018. For anyone in the area I have a painting in this wonderful exhibit. The Harriet Tubman House is at 566 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA.

UPDATE: The last day of the exhibit has been changed to September 4th, 2018.