Every Form Correctly Seen Is Beautiful

My painting "Look At Us - We're Beautiful 2" will be shown at the National Association of Women Artists, 127th Annual Members' Exhibition. The show runs from August 30 - September 22, 2016 and is at the Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, 417 Lafayette Street, NYC. The reception is September 15th from 6 - 8pm. This painting was inspired by the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote ― "Every form correctly seen is beautiful.”

Look At Us - We're Beautiful 2

Destruction Impacting People (hopefully)

Woke up to discover that my painting, Destruction, is on the front page of the Physicians For Social Responsibility website. Very happy about this since my goal with my paintings (besides loving to paint) is to make a difference in the world. PSA didn’t ask my permission but they did give me a painting credit so I’m fine. Maybe the gallery that was showing Destruction gave permission. Interestingly enough, other people have emailed me to ask if they can use it too.

Destruction on PSR page