Only Human

Excited to announce I'm in a 3 person show, ONLY HUMAN, with the super talented artists, Anita Pearl and Istar Schwager. Show dates are October 1- 31 at the Riverside Library, 127 Amsterdam Ave (between 65th and 66th Street), NYC. The Reception is Saturday, October 10th from 3-430pm and a Gallery Talk with the artists is Saturday, October 24th, 3-4:30pm for anyone in the area who's interested. A few of the paintings in this show, including the one below, “Life Matters” are painted in a more extreme style. I’m very curious to see what the response will be.

Life Matters

Art Should Disturb The Comfortable And Comfort The Disturbed

I found this written on a wall of a bathroom stall in Philadelphia. It’s a quote from Cesar A. Cruz, the Mexican poet and human rights activist, although the exact quote is “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." Seeing this scribbled on graffiti resonated with me deeply for it explains in one line many of my feelings about art. 

Cesar A Cruz Quote