The Survivors

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my painting "The Survivors" Notice there are no women running in the distance. This is because either these women are so far ahead one can't see the other runners or, as I like to think about it, the women we see are the last of the women runners. But it doesn't matter that they're last because they're happy to be alive and running. They're the survivors.

The Survivors

Hoping For The Best

"Hoping For The Best" is about our broken healthcare system and how the most vulnerable of our people are falling in the cracks. This painting will be featured in the ART ANGELS exhibit at the NAWA Gallery, 314 West 39th Street, NYC  from October 9 - October 30. The reception, for those in the area, is Thursday, October 17, 2019, 6 - 9PM.

Hoping for the Best

We’re All Beautiful

Thrilled to be hanging in the Marco Island Historical Museum. My painting "We're All Beautiful" will be in the MS CONCEPTIONS exhibit from October 2, 2019 - January 30, 2020. The museum is located at 180 S. Heathwood Dr, Marco Island, Florida. The painting is titled, "We're All Beautiful" because, well, we are. 

We're All Beautifulcopy