My Muse Is A Little Devil

Happy News. My painting, "Gail Is Serious About Her Taste Test" will be featured at the Coral Springs Museum of Art exhibit, Invoking the Muse. The models for this devil made me do it piece are three of my favorite people, Gail Byer, Jeff Byer and my absolute favorite, my husband, Roy Lowrance. The exhibit runs from December 1st - 28th with a reception being held on Tuesday, December 8, 6 - 8 pm. The address for anyone who is interested is 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, Florida.

Gail Is Serious About Her Taste Test- oil and acrylic on canvas - 24 x 30 x 1.5 inches - 2015 copy 2 (1)

Hmmmm. Anti Social Media?

My beloved Instagram did something strange to me. They recently changed from only squares. This was fantabulous because I had to use an app to add bars to either the top or the bottom of the jpegs of my non-square paintings to make them square. Imagine my delight when I realized I now had one stop shopping, uh, sharing. I no longer had to use an app for my app. It worked beautifully and then to my dismay, my newly shared, one stop sharing, non-squared images showed up squared or cropped strangely. Just yesterday they were fine. Was it something I did, or clicked? Who knows but it’s back to the app for the app for me. I still love you, Instagram.